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Neopets cheat codes

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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Flash Game Cheats

These cheats should be typed in while playing the game.
ineedmoretime+15 seconds to your time in Kiko Match II
channyhungry+30 seconds to your time in Spell Or Starve
scarabeus+30 seconds to your time in Sutek's Tomb
strawberryvanillachocolate1 free life in Ice Cream Machine
plzsutekcanihavemoretime30 second time bonus in suteks tomb
marissaa message will appear --- "Now are you happy?" (more blobs in the game) in Jelly Blobs of Doom
nopopupsAll the advertisements on the current screen in Advert Attack will disappear. Only one use per game.
a5paragu5Bigger Mallet in Whack-a-Staff-Member
slorgerizerblasts a few slorgs at once in Attack of the Slorgs
empulseblasts the surrounding enemies in Escape To Kreludor
rainbowneggCreates a 25 points rainbow negg in jelly blobs of doom
turdlecreates a turdle on your opponents side
ScallywagsCreates a whirlpool in dubloon disaster!
NobubblesDark Faerie bubble in Faerie Bubbles
buuuurrrrrrrrpdecreases your bloat by 50% in snowmuncher
superlaserDouble laser range in Moon Rock Rampage(once per game, resets at end of level)
fishneggEat the fishnegg and get 50 free points
novisitorsExtra 30 seconds on the timer in Moon Rock Rampage(works only once per game)
bouncebouncebounceextra life in Bouncy Supreme
frumballExtra life in Frumball
spiderbiteExtra Life in Korbat's Lab
kreludorExtra life in Kreludan Mining Corp.
hungrymeepitsExtra life in Meepit Juice Break
meepitsextra life in Meepit Juice Break
rampageExtra life in Moon Rock Rampage(works only once per game)
1morekarpohpleaseextra life in Raiders of Maraqua
trappedkadoatiesExtra life in Warf Rescue Team
slumberberryGets rid of blocks in Faerie Bubbles
catapultGives you a random bonus item in Ultimate Bullseye
lavaGives you a shield in Volcano Run
OscillabotGives you an extra attempt at petpetsitter.
marrowGives you an extra life in Attack of the Slorgs
boohooiwanttheoldgamebackIn Destruct-O-Match II lets you play the original version (type on the mode select screen)
supercannonballLarge cannonball in Castle Battles
FaerieBubblesMake all bubbles turn into one type.
dirigiblesMakes a blimp float across the screen of mynci beach volleyball.
custardMore time in Carnival of Terror
dieterMultiplies your score in Snowmuncher by 100 but it does not stay like that.
StardustNova bubble in Faerie Bubbles
rehaxtintOne extra letter hint in The Castle of Eliv Thade
FaerielandRainbow bubble in Faerie Bubbles
doughnutfruitReset the timer in Hasee Bounce (once per game)
juice-o-maticResets ALL meepit's timers in Meepit Juice Break
valrigardresets the clock in Escape From Meridell Castle
chargex4Restores the laser guide after it cuts out in Attack of the Slorgs. (Can be used as many times as needed)
vitamincReturns you to full health in Deckswabber (once per game)
ummaginethiefSkip level in Grand Theft Ummagine (but resets your score)
quaglorskips a level in Faerie Caves II - Fyora's Quest
salamanderskips a level in The Buzzer Game
kougraSkips level in frumball
kougraSkips level on Meriball, but resets points.
superbowlSkips levels in gourmet club bowls
pyramibreadSutek's Tomb - Gives hint as to what match to make to line up 3 in a row (Unlimited Use)
lasertoggle radar on/off in bouncy supreme
stardustTurns current bubble in to a Nova Bubble in Faerie Bubbles
faerielandTurns current bubble in to a Rainbow bubble in Faerie Bubbles
ferociousneggsareonthelooseType during the Meerca Chase II title screen to unlock the secret ferocious level
superextrahypergravitymodeType during the Meerca Chase II title screen to unlock the secret gravity level.
freezewill cause Balthazar to freeze in Extreme Herder
dubloonwill increase your chance of having a dubloon fall in Igloo Garage Sale
destroybouldersWill remove all blocks of one colour from the screen in Destruct-O-Match II. Can only be used once per game.
sheperdx2 score in Gourmet Food Bowls