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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Hidden Battledome Challengers

Here are how to get the unlockable challengers for the Battledome. Those that are gotten when you start an account are not listed.
UnlockableHow to Unlock
Advisor BrooRandom Event while playing Dice-A-Roo
BalthazarHe is a random event.
BalthazarKeep refreshing at
Battle Faerie100 Referrals will earn you the Battle Faerie as a challenger
Black PteriRandom Event
Brain TreeFinish his Quest in the Haunted Woods
Cave ChiaKeep refreshing at
Cave ChiaYou can find him by going to the second page of the Cave Paintings in Tyrannia and refresh
Chia ClownAutomatically available as a challenger when entering the battledome
ChiazillaGet him at the Ruins of Maraqua
ChiazillaKeep refreshing at
Commander GarooKeep refreshing at
Count Von RooHe is a random event, you need to browse around on neopets in the night (Neopian Time)
Count Von RooRandom Event
EdnaGo to the Witch's Tower in the Haunted Woods and complete her quest at midnight - 1am (Neopian Time)
EdnaFinish her Quest in the Haunted Woods
Fire FaerieTo get her as a challenger, choose her as an opponent for Gormball. If you win, she will challenge you.
Flaming MeercaAutomatically available as a challenger when going to the battledome
Ghost Lupe type=neighbourhood&location=0& street_name=4&street_number=131
Ghost Lupego to type=neighbourhood&location=0&street_name=4
GrarrgAutomatically available as a challenger when entering the battledome
Harry the Mutant MoehogAutomatically available as a challenger when going to the battledome
Highland ChiaAutomatically available as a challenger when going to the battledome
Jelly ChiaEnter the Gallery of Evil and search for the Jelly Chia under the drop down menu.
Jelly Chia
KastralissKeep refreshing at Keep refreshing at
Kasuki LuBuy a "Kasuki Lu" trading card and click on it once it's in your inventory
Kasuki LuIf you want him as a challenger, you need to buy his Collectable Trading Card by the same name
KauvaraGo to Kauvara's shop and refresh. She may challenge you
Koi WarriorGo to the Ruins of Maraqua and keep refreshing.
Koi WarriorKeep refreshing at
Lab Ray ScientistKeep refreshing at
Lab Ray ScientistFirst you need the secret laboratory map completed, then refresh at
Lava GhoulHe is a random event or play the Wheel of Excitement and land on him.
Lava GhoulRandom Event
Magnus the Torchgo to
Magnus the Torch
Maintenance PteriFound in a random event while using the site
Meerca HenchmenKeep refreshing at
MeukaUse a Ferocious Negg, Random Event, or Wheel of Misfortune in Deserted Fairgrounds to give your pet Sneezles of Neoflu; then visit Quick Ref
MeukaYour pet has the sneezles go to your pet's page
Mutated ChiaHe is a random event.
Pant DevilPut a worthless item in your "your items" page and press F5, he'll show up after a while.
Pant DevilRandom Event or have him steal an item in the Wheel of Excitement in Faerieland
Punchbag BobAutomatically available as a challenger when entering the battledome
Quiggle WarlordAutomatically available as a challenger when entering the battledome
Red PteriRandom event.
Robo GrarrlAutomatically available as a challenger when going to the battledome
Ryshu the Nimmo
Ryshu the NimmoYou can find Ryshu at the Mystery Island Training School
Sabre-XRandom Event in Tryannia
Shadow UsulHe is a random event
Shadow UsulRandom Event
SidneyWin a level 3 or higher prize on one of his scratchcards
Snow FaerieTo get her as a challenger, go to the Terror Mountain and click on the Snow Quests. Complete one of her quests then she will challenge you.
Snow FaerieFinish her Quest on the Top of Terror Mountain
Space FaerieGet her by having one of the "rare codes" given out when you buy NeoPets merchandise
Space FaerieRedeem a Rare Item Code at the Space Station
Spider GrundoEnter the Gallery of Evil and search for the Spider Grundo under the drop down menu
Spider Grundo
Tax BeastHave some money ready and keep refreshing on your items page. He'll come, takes 10% of your money and challenges you.
Tax BeatRand Event where he takes 10% of your Neopoints on hand
Tekkitu the Witch DoctorTake a Tiki Tour on Mystery Island
Tekkitu the Witch DoctorYou can find him by taking the Mystery Island Tiki Tour
The Brain TreeGo to the Brain Tree in the Haunted Woods. Complete his quest and he may challenge you
The Esophagor to the Esophagor in the Haunted Woods. Complete his quest (without being on a Brain Tree quest) and he'll challenge you
The SnowagerHave him blast you at his cavewhen you try to wake him up in the Ice Caves
The SnowagerVisit the Snowager at his lair when he's sleeping, try to pick something up and when he wakes up he'll challenge you.
Tiki Tack ManGo to his shop on Mystery Island and you may get him as a challenger.
Tiki Tack Man type=shop&obj_type=21
ViraRandom Event
Zafara RogueKeep refreshing at