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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Quest Secrets

Unlimited shop wizard
When you are on a quest and you can't find the item the faerie wants and nobody will do a search for you it becomes frustrating.One way is to use the shop wizard and do a quest at the same time: When you get onto neopets and you see the welcome screen go straight to the shop wizard ant then minimize the page. Keep the wizard page minimized and then type neopets in your address bar again and do your normal routine. When you get a quest don't use the shop wizard on the maximized page, but use the one you minimized. And whatever you do DON'T refresh the minimized page.

Quick item finding methods
If you get a quest that no one will help you with then here is an easy way. Just log out of the account that you got the quest in and create a new account. When you make that new account you don't need to play any games to get neopoints, just go to the shop wizard and search for the item you need. Then Ctrl+C (highlight the text first) the name of the user that is selling the item for the third lowest price, otherwise when you go into your other account and look the shop up the item will more than likely be sold. This is why I suggest the third lowest or whatever you think will work. Then make sure the username is copied and login to your account with the quest. Paste, Ctrl+V, the name of the user in the search engine and go into their shop and buy the item you need for your quest