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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Unlockable Avatars

These are the ways to unlock the avatars to use on the NeoBoards. If a link is presented, just copy paste it into your address bar to unlock the corresponding avatar.
NameHow to get them
*CAW*Beat the Black Pteri in the Battledome
AceScore 550 or more in advert attack and this avatar will be unlocked for future use.
AdamHave the exact number of NP as Adam when you visit the About Us page
Alien AishaUse a nerkmid in the Alien Aisha Vending Machine
AngelpussEquip an Angelpuss and refresh Quick Ref
Angelpuss - Angel
Angry AcaraView A Male Royal Acara`s Lookup
Attack PeaGiven out on December 4th (2003) at the Advent Calendar
Avatar CollectorBe in the top 50 of the Avatar High Scores
Baby nimmo avatarVisit the userlookup of ANY baby nimmo
Baby PteriVisit any baby pteri's lookup. Gwaihir_Windlord1
Battle Faerie AvatarRefresh at the Win Screen after battle
Battle JubJubVisit any JubJub's lookup. yugioh_kuriboh
Better Than YouFinish a Better Than You challenge
BFM - Squished Spyders AvatarYou can only get this if you had fought in the Battle for Meridell war. If you did, and have a shield in your lookup, view your lookup
Bilge DiceGet a perfect score of 24 on the game Bilge Dice, and keep refreshing the screen
Bleh Avatar
Blue FuzzlePlay with your Evil Blue Fuzzle until it scares your pet
BomberGet a score of 1300 or more on Chia Bomber
brainycomplete the faerie crossword puzzle to unlock this avatar.
Broken AvatarTake any smashed, broken, or ripped item to Donny's Toy Repair Shop and have him fix it for you.
Buzzin'Paint your Buzz with a Split Paint Brush at the Rainbow Fountain
Camo AvatarView a Camouflage pet's lookup to unlock this avatar
Cap'n Threeleg's avatarTrain your pet at the pirate acadamy on krawk island, to unlock this avatar
CaparaFinish the first round of Cheat!
Caption Contest - FunnyBe a winner of the Caption Competition.
chase avatarscore 750 plus on meerca chase
ChocolateBuy a chocolate that has a rarity of 90 - 99 from the Chocolate Factory
ChokatoHave the Chokato (TCG) in your inventory and reload the page
Chomp!Feed your jetsam a Pepito
Cliffhanger - Game OverPlay Cliffhanger and lose.
Coco RollMust download the Mobile phone game, COROROLL and enter a winning code.
Coconut JubJubFeed your Cocount JubJub at Coconut Cocktail
CodestonesHave all the current codestones in your inventory and refresh.
DariganIf you fought on the Darigan side in the Meridell vs Darigan war, go to your userlookup
DarkView a darigan peophin pet
DarklingAfter participating in the Meridell War, go to your user lookup
Deadly DiceBeat two or more levels of Deadly Dice
Defenders of Neopia - Aisha
Defenders of Neopia - Lupe
DestroyerGet a score of 3000 or more on Magax: Destroyer
Dice Escape AvatarScore over 1000 in Dice Escape.
Dice-A-RooGet The Jackpot in Dice-A-Roo.
Do Not eatFeed your pet ANY item with the word carrot
Dr. Death
Dr. GrumpsScore at least 900 on Gourmet Club Bowls
Dr. SlothRandom Event
Dubloon avatarachieve 1000 plus in dubloon disaster
DungHave 10 different dung items in your inventory and keep refreshing
Easter Bunny AvatarSend someone an Easter Neo-Greetings.
Easter CybunnySend the Easter neogreeting with the jubjubs in a basket.
EdnaComplete one of her quests (may need to do this more than once)
Elephante SurpriseFeed your Elephante a bag of peanuts
Emo avatarChange your shopkeeper to usul gothic, and hit shop front.
Escape from Meridell CastleGet on the High Score Tables for Escape From Meridell Castle
Evil ElivGet a score of 1,200 or more on Eliv Thade
Evil JhudoraUsed to be finishing one of her quests. No longer accessible.
EXTREMEGet a high score in Extreme Potato Counter
Extreme Potato CounterScore over 100 points at Extreme Potato Counter
Faerie GrundoView the pet lookup of a Faerie Grundo
Feed MeFeed your Skeith a Regal Skeith Helmet
Fire PawBuy the TCG card "Fire Paw" and put it into your neodeck.
Flotsam Rainbow AvatarView a rainbow flotsams' userlookup to unlock this avatar.
FREAKEDScore in the top 50 high scores of Korbats Lab
Free JhuidahNo longer available - You had to free Jhuidah using a Tagobo Potion during the plot
FyoraBuy an item from the Hidden Tower in Faerieland
GadgadsgameGet a score of 1000 or better on Gadgadsgame
GadsgobenUsed to be that you had to look up Trickster Llugh and the Legend of Gadgadbogen.
Garlic! Run!!Eat Something With Garlic in it or changing the language to portuguese and eating leek works too
Ghost LupeGo to type=neighbourhood&location= 0&street_name=4&street_number=131 to get him as a challenger,and then beat him
GnomeHave any gnome in your inventory and go to the garden shop.
goldyVisit a pet look up that has a goldy attached to the pet
Gormball - GargaroxWin a game of Gormball with any character
Grarrl KenoCorrectly match four numbers, and this avatar will be unlocked.
Grarrl WarriorEquip your grarrl with one of the grarrl weapons released on Grarrl Day of 2003
Grarrl Warrior AvatarHave a Grarrl pet with you, and then equip a Bony Grarrl Club to it
Grey Faerie
Groovy ChombySee "Chomby and the Fungus Balls" in concert
Grundo Snow ThrowGet on the High Score Tables for Grundo Snowthrow
GruslenHave a Gruslen petpet equipped to your pet for 100 days.
Gruslen AvatarHave a Gruslen on your pet for 100+ days, then go to that pet's lookup.
Hannah Avatarachieve 150,000 points in hannah and the pirate cave's
harris avatarHave the petpet equipped to your pet for 100 or more days to unlock this avatar.
Has Anyone Seen...If you were among the first 100 to solve the Mystery Island Quest (Volcano Mystery), then you got this avatar
Haunted Woods Stamp CollectorFill up your Haunted Woods Stamp album and you may get this avatar
HeermeedjetYou may get this by defeating the Meerca Henchmen in the Battledome
Helpful ZafaraType in the word "Avatar" in the Help Section. Then, click on the FAQ page and keep refreshing.
Huggy avatarTo unlock this avatar have this petpet equipped to your pet for at least 100 days
HungryHave a Drackonack petpet. Then have some cheese in your inventory and keep reloading the page until you get the avatar.
I *Heart* SlothGo to:, and fill out all of the questions in favor of Dr. Sloth (C, D, B, C, A)
I Love My RockSee the "Sticks N Stones" in Concert
I Saved Mystery IslandYou automatically get this avatar if you solved the Mystery Island quest
I'm SmellyHave 10 various dung items in your inventory and reload the page
Illusen DollIf you completed a Quest for Illusen on March 17th, 2004 (Illusen Day), then you got this avatar
Illusen's GladeReach level 20 of Illusen's Glade
Jelly avatarachieve 1000 or more points on jelly proccessing factory, and this avatar will be yours.
Jeran- HeroGo here
JesterGet a score of 800 or more on Grumpy Old King
Jhudora's CloudReach level 20 of Jhudora's Cloud
Kacheek SwimMake your Kacheek the active pet and bring it to Mystery Island Beach
Kadoatie AvatarFeed 75 Kadoatie at the Kadoatery
kass minion
Kasuki Lu - Heeyah!In the Battledome, beat Kasuki Lu
Kiosk WockyWin A prize in scrathcard kiosk in Terror mountain
Kiss the mortog avatarDo the kiss the mortog game and win 4 times in a row and collect your winnings.
KnightAfter participating in the Meridell War, go to your user lookup
kyrii avatarGo to the Island Mystic on Mystery Island and have your fortune told. If the Mystic mentions "kyrii" in his fortune then you recieve his avatar
Lenny PlushieWin a Lenny Conundrum game.
Let it Snow!Have an Icy Snowflake in your inventory, then check the weather in Terror Mountain, if it is snowing then you get the avatar
Lever avatarto unlock this avatar, you must pull the lever of doom in the virtupets station; the avatar occurs randomly when you LOSE Np
Lil' DevilIn Chapter 5 of NeoQuest II, win against the DevilPuss
LostRandomly unlocked when you win a prize at the buried tomb
Lost Desert Stamp CollectorFill up your Lost Desert Stamp album and you may get this avatar
Lucky Blumaroo Avatarwin the dice a roo jackpot
Lucky StreakWin 10 games in a row of Bilge Dice
Maraquan Krawk
Master VexKeep playing Cellblock at Tournament Level 6 or higher until you get this one.
Math's NightmareGet on the High Score Tables for Math's Nightmare
MazzewHave a Mazzew petpet for 250 days.
mediocreYou need to win the grand prize of 1,000 NP on the Wheel of Mediocrity in order to get the avatar
Meepit vs. Feepit avatarGet 3000 points on Meepit vs. Feepit
Meerca ChaseScore over 750 while playing Meerca Chase
MeerouladenAfter reaching level 8 on Defenders of Neopia, go to
MeowclopsEquip a Meowclops and refresh Quick Ref
MeridellIf you fought on the Meridell side in the Meridell vs Darigan war, go to your userlookup
Meuka - SnottyBeat Meuka in the Battledome
MootixHave a Mootix petpet attach to a petpet
MSPPHave the Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG) in your inventory
MummifiedHave a Mummy baby petpet attached to a ruki for ninety days
Must Keep Smiling AvatarYou obtain this avatar Randomly after winning at kacheek seek
MutantChange your pet into a mutant with a Transmogrification Potion
Mutant avatarTurn one of your pets into a mutant using a transmog potion
Mutant Draik - Back Off!Type the word DRAGON into the search bar.
Mystery Island Stamp CollectorFill up your Mystery Island Stamp album and you may get this avatar
Neomail AddictSend a Neomail with 'I love Neomail' as the subject and the message.
Neoquest II - Bionic CybunnyDefeat the Bionic Cybunny in Neoquest II (Chapter 5).
Neoquest II - DevilpussDefeat the Devilpuss in Faerieland while playing Neoquest II
Neoquest II - WeaklingLose to a plains lupe while playing Neoquest II
ninjaHave a Niten Hiroru card in your inventory, then look it up in the Neopedia.
Not for WreathaleVisit lookup of gurl_12950
NT StarGet your work into the neopian times 10 times
Number Six AvatarWhat you have to do is go to the About Us page and have the same amount of NP as Adam does on hand
OHEMGEE AvatarVisit
OrangeHave around 15 Non-Magical Orange Chia Pops in your inventory and keep refreshing
Pack RatStore 1000 different items in your Safety Deposit Box
Pant DevilHave a Hidden Tower item in your trades and refresh at your inventory (Not all HT items work)
Pick Your OwnGo to the Pick Your Own game and have 6 non-dung items in your basket.
Pirate Aisha
Pirate Krawk
Pirate Scorchio
Pirate Shoyru
Plastic FirRetired - Only avaliable to those who went to advent calander on 12-1-04
Plushiedonate any plushie toy to the money tree
Plushie EyrieGo to the NeoBoards and make a message saying "Squawk"
Plushie TycoonGet a trophy in Plushie Tycoon
Poogle Racing WinnerIn Poogle Races place a bet on the winning poogle.
poogle Winner avatarguess the correct poogle in poogle racing to earn this avatar
Purple- PeophinView a Purple peophin's lookup to unlock this avatar
Pwned by the AvatarUse the lab ray and be turned into a different neopet.
Quadrapus avatarHave a Quadrapus attached to your pet for at least ninty days. Afterwords, visit the pets' userlookup
Queen Fyora AvatarPurchase a Faerie Queen Doll from the hidden tower or trades/auctions, thenhave your pet play with it
Raider of MaraquaGet a score of 800+ in the game Raiders of Maraqua.
RukiVisit a ruki`s look up and you will obtain this avatar
Ruki AvatarVisit the lookup of any Ruki. hopper101192
Save JhuidahGo to the Rock Pool and click her picture with a Tagobo Potion in your inventory
ScarabugView a pet's lookup, that has a scarabug attaches to it
SighPaint one of you pets with the grey paintbrush and look at their pet lookup page
skarrl moodyGet king skarrl mad when you tell him a joke
SlorgHave a Slorg petpet 100 or more days old and go to its Pet Lookup
SnicklebeastHave a snicklebeast attached to your pet for 61+ days
SnorkleFeed your pet a Snorkle Snout.
Snowmuncher AvatarSimply get 5000 or more points on the snowmuncher game
Sophie the Swamp WitchVisit to unlock this avatar
Soup FaerieFeed your pet at the soup kitchen repetedly
Space FaerieDefeat the Space Faerie in the Battledome
SquawkPost "Squawk" in a Neoboard message
Sssidney AvatarSimply sratch any winning ticket at the Deserted Fairground Scratchcards
Star GazerVisit a starry kau's lookup
Star Gazer
Super Attack Pea AvatarYou must have a Pea Chia, and equip a super attack pea to it, then view the pets lookup
Sutek's TombGet a score of 2000 or more in Sutek's Tomb
SwabbyScore 800 or more points in deckswabber
Taelia the Snow FaerieComplete a Snow Faerie's Quest.
TastyFeed your pet any item with the word "custard" in it
TCG - Wanna Play?Anyone who got points in the Battle for Meridell TCG Staff Tournament got this avatar.
TCG ChampionBeat a TCG Real Life Tournament.
Techo Master
Toasttake the item "Bread" to the volcano, and you will unlock this avatar.
Top Gamer AvatarHave a High score In two hundred and fifty games; then view your game score
Turmy AvatarHave your petpet get eaten by the Turmaculus Any petpet will work
TurtumGet a high score for Ultimate Bullseye
Tuskaninny SpottedHave A Tuskaninny as an active pet, and a lesser spotted fish in your inventory. Then Visit the Tuskaninny's lookup to unlock this avatar.
Tyrannian Stamp CollectorFill up your Tyrannian Stamp album and you may get this avatar
Ultimate BullseyeGet 225 points in Ultimate Bullseye
Uni FabooBuy an item with a rarity of 80 or higher from the Clothes Shop.
Usukicon Shop KeeperVisit the Usukicon Advert found at the Usuki Shop
Usukicon UsulsVisit the Usukicon Advert found at the Usuki Shop
Valentine ChiaSend the Puppyblew "I Love You (Animated)!" NeoGreeting, and put "I Love You" in the message
Vira AvatarHave any mirror in your inventory. Go to World and then click on Evil. Enter the book, then on the scrollselect, select Vira.
VirtuPets Stamp CollectorFill up your Virtupets Stamp album and you may get this avatar
Volcano Reward AvatarRetired
Wand of Dark FaerieEquip a Wand of Dark Faerie
wanna fight avatarUse a jetsam in the battledome and this avatar will be unlocked.
WeaklingIn the NeoQuest II game, allow the Plains Lupe to kill you, without ever attacking it
WerelupeGet a Halloween Lupe
Whack-A-KassGet a 900+ points in Whack-A-Kass.
Whee!Make one of your pets have a snowbunny for EXACTLY one year
Wheel of ExcitementWin 10,000 Neopoints from the Wheel of Excitement
Wheel of Monotony - SpinRandom event while playing the Wheel of Monotony.
WizardIf you were a winner of the TCG card game, you got this avatar
yoinkedachieve 1250 or more points in freaky factory
Yuck avatarFeed your pet a dandelion and burdock drink to unlock this avatar.