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Neopets cheat codes

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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Secret Links

Deadly Dice
Roll the dice and score higher then Count Von Roo to level up but if you roll lower you lose a level. Count Von Roo is only awake from Midnight to 1:00AM NST

Draik Nest
There is no link on the website for the Draik Nest. If you have purchased a Draik Egg, you may take it to the Draik Nest to hatch the Egg into a Draik Pet. You must use the following URL:

Fungus Caves
There is a small cave beside the Smugglers Cove. If you click it, you will enter the Fungus Caves. The direct link (since the cave are hard to find) is:

If you go there, you will be able to let your Krawk PetPet eat a bit of fungus, letting it grow into a fully grown Krawk Pet.

Get 40 seconds in Hasee Bounce
To get 40 seconds instead of 20 seconds, spell Hasee with only orange letters or spell it with only purple letters

Hidden Tower Location
To Find the Hidden Tower, go to Faerieland, enter the Faerie City, and click on the the empty space directly left of the leftmost pink tower on the big building in the back to enter the Hidden Tower.

Jelly World
Jelly World is a world not located on any map. To get there, paste the following URL in your address bar:

Rejected Pets
Want to see the losers in a competition for the new pet? Go here:

Roo Island
To find the Secret Mini world Roo Island, you can either look on the explore map and look just to the left of Meridell and click on the small island or enter this URL into your box at the top:

Use Grundo as a ball in Zurroball
When your picking your ball, try and click the 'N' that's on the Grundo's space suit. Once you click it, the game will start and you will use the Space Grundo as a ball.