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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Typing the word quaglor at any point during the game, allows you to skip a level, but any points scored will disappear.

General Tips & Walkthrough
Most levels have multiple solutions

Be careful where you walk because is very easy to push a boulder or balloon onto you.

Don't carry a torch when you walk near dynamite. If a stick of dynamite goes off near another stick of dynamite, it will cause a chain reaction. Boom BOOM Bo Bo Bo BOOOM
Red dynamite only explodes itself.
Green dynamite takes out all squares around it.

Two key types:
Purple is only useful for unlocking exit door.
is useful for unlocking any chest.

DO NOT STAND ON FLOOR TRAPS, they are the little spikes that move when triggered
If the directions say "hold" something, that means hold the key down.

"hold up" means hold the up key pressed down.
Score possible: level / total
You get 25 points per level

Level 1 - Easy - Easy Does it
Possible Score: 75
Total Score: 75
Get (2) Gems
Get the white key at the bottom of the screen, then go to either chest.
Push boulder (top right) to the right, let it fall.
Get torch
Trigger RED dynamite and BACK UP
Get 2nd key, the go to the other chest
Get Purple key
CAN EXIT NOW (through the door) ~ or ~ you can keep playing to get +20 to score
Go to top of screen
Walk to the top left, without getting torch, and stepping off the floor trap
Go get gems, watch out for the dynamite.
Go to the exit

Level 2 - Easy - Fire In The Hole
Possible Score: 100
Total Score: 175
Get key
Get gem
Walk up and to right
Get torch and purple key
CAN EXIT NOW ~ or ~ continue to add 60 to your score)
Push boulder on circle
Walk along right wall and above the balloon
MOVE LEFT (and wait for balloon to move up)
Move down, trigger dynamite, move up quickly
Get key and torch
Go back through the tunnel, which had all the dynamite
Trigger dynamite and step back
Get gems
Go back along tunnel and get keys and chests
Go to exit

Level 3 - Easy - Welcome to the Jungle
Possible Score: 70
Total Score: 245
Go straight down
Left and up
Careful: do not stand on floor trap
Get key and torch
Follow floor until next to floor trap
Go up 2 squares
Move right 3 squares
Move down then quickly up (igniting dynamite)
After dynamite explodes, down two, left 3
Go back up
Push balloon onto circle
Get chest
Hold down (getting gem and torch)
Right one, and hold up (gem and key)
Stand on the left of the balloon
Hold left, hit dynamite, move right one
Get gem
Get chest and exit

Level 4 - Medium - Spiky Mines
Score Possible: 80
Total Score: 325
Careful of the floor traps
Get gem, walk under boulder, repeat 4 times
Push boulder right one square
Walk to right wall
Walk down 3 squares
Hold left button
Get key on left
Down 2, right 2, down 2
Hold right, step back from dynamite
Walk to right wall, hold up, left 2
Quickly: down, and right
This will push the boulder on the circle
Right 1, down 3, hold left
Get purple key
Get gem below green dynamite
Down 2
Hold right, hold left
Right 1, up 2
Hold right and move up 1 (quickly)
Red dynamite explodes
Move down and exit

Level 5 - Easy - Water Prison
Possible Score: 45
Total Score: 370
*** The key to this level is NOT to get the purple key until you have gotten the white key
Walk down (gem)
Walk around and stand under the top boulder
Move left
Get key at bottom left of screen
Stand under the chest
Up 6, right 2, down 2, right 1

Level 6 - Easy - Crazy Clouds
Possible Score: 70
Total Score: 440
*** The key to this level is to not let anything rest on a circle until the very end
Right 1
Hold left
Down (gem)
Up 1
Hold right
Down 1 (gem)
Hold up
Left 1, up 2 (gem)
Down 2
Hold left
Up 1, left 3, down 1
Get 3 keys
Down 2, hold right
Down 4, hold left, get chests and torch
Stand under right boulder
Right 1
Up 1
Hold left, right 1 (quickly)

Level 7 - Easy - Kaboom
Possible Score: 65
Total Score: 505
*** The key to this level is to not get greedy - you CANNOT get every gem. Also, I'll assume you will not stand next to a dynamite when its ignited.
Get torch, ignite right dynamite
Get gem and key and torch
Go to left side of screen
Ignite dynamite
Gem and torch
Ignite nearby dynamite above
Get gem
Stand 2 spaces below floor trap
Hold up
Walk right, trigger dynamite
Get gem
Grab torch, get gem
Ignite dynamite above torch at bottom
Get gem
Don't pick up any more torches
Get 2 gems at top of screen

Level 8 - Hard - Evil Caves
Possible Score: 70
Total Score: 575
*** Be careful - this is the 1st level that I've found requires quick movement.
Hold down, up quickly, dynamite ignites
Walk along wall (left, up, right)
Get key and gems
Walk all the way around
Stand between boulder and gem
Hold right
Walk all way around again to bottom of screen
Trigger green dynamite and back up
Get key
Stand on the left side of the boulder
Right, left 3, up 2
This key sequence should end with you right above the floor trap
Get gem
Get chests and purple key

Level 9 - Easy - Boulder Hill
Possible Score: 90
Total Score: 665

Pay attention to layout
Get gem at bottom left
Hold up, step right, get key
Left 1, down 5
Follow northern wall
Ignite top green dynamite and move 1 down
Get 8 gems
Get torch on right
Left 1, get key
Get bottom right chest
Ignite bottom right dynamite, back up
Get torch
Go around top green dynamite (do not touch)
Get bottom left chest
Ignite bottom left dynamite, back up
Get torch
Ignite red dynamite, back up
Push boulder one square left or right
Get purple key

Level 10 - Easy - One Way Streets
Possible Score: 60
Total Score: 725
Pay attention to layout - go down 1st
Right 1, down 8
Get torch
Hold right, up 4, hold left
Get gem (4 squares down)
Left 1, hold up
Hold right, left 1 quickly (dynamite)
Down 2, right 6, up 2, left 1 (key)
Right 1, down 2, left 6, up 2
Push boulder on circle
Get gem
Get chest and purple key
Go back up
Push boulder 1 square right
Walk around boulder and exit

Level 11 - Medium - Diamond Islands
Possible Score: 70
Total Score: 795

*** This is the only level where you should NOT move immediately! The balloon at the bottom of the screen has to reach the top before you move, otherwise you will be crushed by a floor trap.
Step 1: wait for balloon to rise
Right 2, hold right, left 2 QUICKLY! (you can not hold right, above, you'd get crushed by a afloor trap)
Right 2, down 2, hold left
Stand to the left of the bottom left balloon and hold right
Go to the top left of screen and stand on the left side of the balloon
Walk around the balloon and push it 1 square to the right
Hold right, left 1 QUICKLY!
Get keys, gems, chests, purple key
Go to the exit, being careful not to stand on the floor trap!

Level 12 - Medium - Heaven of Hell?
Possible Score: 55
Total Score: 850
*** The name for the level, I believe, comes from the decision you must make "out of the gate". In this instance, choose 'Hell' or down: its the only way to safely get the key at the top of the screen AND the torch at the right.
Hold down
Hold left
Hold up
Get key
Stand underneath the 4 balloons
Hold right, left 1 quickly
Get chest
For safety's sake, do not get the key yet
Stand under vertical floor traps (the ones lined up north to south by the exit)
Up 3, right 1 (quickly)
Hold down
Stand to the right of the key
Left 2
Right 2
Two balloons should now have gone up
Stand underneath the right balloon at the top of the screen
Hold right
Hold left, down 2 QUICKLY
Hold right
Up 3 (do not hold: floor trap will get you otherwise)

Level 13 - Medium Hard - One way out
Possible Score: 105
Total Score: 955
*** This one is again something to be careful about. Get the torches in order.
Get gem (bottom of screen)
Stand under boulder (next to green dynamite)
Right 1
Left 1
Up 3 (do not hold)
Right 1
Left 1
Down 1
Right 2
Left 1
Right 1
At this point, you should have 4 boulders lined up along the west wall.
Get torch (by green dynamite)
Light the green dynamite and move away
Get torch, get gem, hold down, up 1 QUICKLY
Get key (right side of screen)
Get gems
There are 11 of them. be careful that a boulder doesn't fall on you do not get either torch yet
Go back to the left side of the screen
Push the boulder sitting on the green dynamite onto the circle
Get chest, purple key, and gem
Get torch
Ignite green dynamite and exit

Level 14 - Medium Hard - Cause and Effect
Possible Score: 40
Total Score: 995
*** This one is easy to mess up. Do most of it in the order I suggest. There is room for variation, but the order, I suggest, always works for me and isn't dangerous.
Left 1
Get torch be careful not to push the other boulder left(its to your left)
Ignite green dynamite, move up 1 QUICKLY
Gates switch (lots of this on this level)
Push balloon to right (onto circle)
Hold left
Get torch
Right 1, left 1
Hold up
Hold right, left 2 QUICKLY
Get torch
Left 2, up 2, hold left, down 3
Ignite green dynamite, down 1 QUICKLY
Gates switch
Get gem, push boulder on circle
For the remainder of the level, do not push the bottom boulder on the
Get gem
Don't use the floor trap corridor yet
Get torch (and do not ignire the dynamite nearby
Down 3, left 4, up 2, right 2 QUICKLY
Walk around the boulder and the circle
Go to the bottom right corner
Up 4, left 1, up 1, left 1, up 2
Right 2, hold down
WAIT for dynamite to explode

Level 15 - Hard - Never trust a Stranger!
Possible Score: 55
Total Score: 1050
***This one is easy enough - the end is tricky and only recently did I figure out how to get ALL the gems.
Right 1, down 2, right 3
Boulder falls to your left
Push boulder left 1
Up 1, right 3, down 2, left 3, down 2, right 3 (torch)
*tricky* ignite dynamite and IMMEDIATELY: right 1, down 1
Wait for boulder to fall
Push boulder left one
Get gem
Get key
Left 1
Go to middle of top of screen
Down 1, right 1, down 2
Be careful here
Get the BOTTOM torch
Left 1, up 2 QUICKLY
Get torch under boulder
Left 1
Boulder falls
You should have a torch
Ignite red dynamite, right 2 QUICKLY
Get gem
Get torch (bottom left)
Ignite green dynamite, up 2 QUICKLy
Get purple key
Get chest
Don't get torches yet
Walk around torches and get white key
Get both torches now
Get chest
*be careful here*
Ignite red dynamite, up 4, left 1
Ignire green dynamite, up 1 QUICKLY
The boulder should be sitting on top of the balloon

Level 16 - Hard - Sneaky Gates
Possible Score: 120
Total Score: 1170
*** Pay attention to whether you are carrying a torch.
Get gem
Get key
Get gem (between dynamites)
Left 1, down 1, hold left (gem)
Down 2 (torch)
Hold right, down 2 QUICKLY
Right 4, down 1, right 1 (gem)
Right 1, up 2, (gem on left)
Right 1, hold up, hold right (torch)
Hold left, down 2, hold right, hold right
Wait for green dymamite to ignire
Hold left, down 1, right 1
Down 1, up 2 QUICKLY (red dynamite)
Get key next to where dynamite was.
If you want maximum gem/chests:
stand 2 squares to the right of the red chest (bottom)
left 1, right 1 QUICKLY
*BOOM* (red dynamite ignite)
left 2, down 1 (gem)
do this quickly:
up, right 2 ALL QUICKLY
gates close
If you do not, ignore the red dynamite and gem at bottom of screen at the bottom left of screen:
Get chest, torch
Right 1
Balloon rises to circle
Get purple key
Up 2, right 3, down 2, right 1
Wait for green dynamite to ignite
Left 1, up 2, right 1, up 3, right 2, up 3
Right 1, left 1, down 1 QUICKLY
Red dynamite ignites
Down 2, left 3
Up 4, left 1 QUICKLY
Green dynamite ignites
Get chest
Go to bottom of screen and get key
Get both chests and gem

Level 17 - Easy - Many Hoards
Possible Score: 220
Total Score: 1390
*** Lots of profit here. Be careful that no boulder falls on you and no balloon rises to you. And use the torch to ignite the green dynamite at the bottom of the screen.

If you only care about the 1000 NP you could Send Score now (assuming you have at least 1335 points (75NP for every 100 points)

Level 18 - Hard - Missing in Action
Possible Score: 35
Total Score: 1425
*** This one is sneaky and has little reward except the purple level.
Right 2, down 1, hold right
Left 9 (do NOT get the left torch yet)
Down 2, up 1 QUICKLY
Up 3, right 8
Be careful here
Do this quickly:
Right 3, up 1, down 1, right 1
The whole top of the screen clears away because of the dynamite
NOW get torch (but do not use it yet)
Get purple key (bottom left of screen)
Trigger the green dynamite under the 2 boulders (and up 2 QUICKLY)
Get chest and exit
Level 19 - Hardest - Fyora's Quest
Possible Score: 95
Total Score: 1520
*** The hardest part of this level is that a trail follows wherever you walk.
Down 5 (key)
Right 2, down 3, left 2, down 3 (key)
Right 2,
Up 2, right 1 QUICKLY
Gates fall
Up 5, right 3, down 1, left 2
Boulder falls on circle
Do NOT get bottom chest yet
Down 3, right 3, up 1, right 1, hold up, left 1
Dynamite ignites
Left 4, get chests and key, hold right
Down 2, left 1, down 1, left 2, down 1 (key)
Left 1 (gem)
Down 1 (gem)
Left 1, down 1 (gem)
Left 1, down 3 (chest)
Left 1, down 1, left 2, down 2, right 1 QUICKLY
Right 5, hold up, right 2, hold down
Down 2