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Neopets cheat codes

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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Typing the phrase strawberryvanillachocolate at the start of any Level, will give you an extra life.

Tip for a possible extra 1000 points - Wait approximately 5 minutes before beginning any Level until your Chia turns into the "Phantom Orange Shirt Guy", (a Programmer named Olliver). Then in later levels his head *MAY* be in an Ice Cream Scoop, grab it and you can earn an extra 1000 points in the game.

At the start of each stage, there is a screen that
tells you what level you are on. Leave your mouse idle
for 2 or 3 minutes. (Maybe you can go grab a snack or
something.) Later, you will hear a sound, and Adee the
Chia will turn into none other than..Oliver. When you
start the level, he will be gone, and Adee will be
back. However, you will see him again at every stage
start screen, all the way until you end the game.
There is also a rare chance that you might see
Oliver's face featured on an ice cream scoop