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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Deserted Fairgrounds

Location: Northeast of the Haunted Woods
Area: One sq. mile
Terrain: Dark and foreboding
Weather: Always dark, even during the day...
Primary Export: Neopets running for their lives

Located in the northeast corner of the Haunted Woods, the Deserted Fairground is a place even more terrifying than its haunted counterpart. Tales speak of horror and monsters that lurk here after dark, especially on Halloween. This is one place you never want to be after midnight. However, during the day, you might find these attractions interesting: Those who are feeling lucky can stop in and buy a scratchcard from the resident salesman, Sidney. You'll most likely walk away nothing, but some of his more rare cards have prizes that are to die for...
If you have already purchased your scratchcards for the day, perhaps a spin of the Wheel of Misfortune might be desirable. Just be very careful about which symbols it lands on. If it ends up on that one, well, I'd run for my life if I were you.
After spinning the wheel, be sure to stop by and have a go at Arnold's Test Your Strength booth (as you may well be needing a mallet, if only for protection by this point). Try your best, because the winner will receive quite an impressive sum of Neopoints -- unless Arnold rigged the game, of course... but he would never do that!
Speaking of games that can't possibly be rigged, why don't you stop by the Coconut Shy booth? It's lots of fun -- all you have to do is just knock a coconut down and you'll receive 10,000 NP plus a really cool prize! Don't let yourself get discouraged if you can't do it the first time... it takes lots of practice. Also, ignore those rumours about the coconuts being nailed onto the stand. It's worth playing to hear him laugh!

Shopping Areas

Spooky Foods - The food choice for Edna, the Esophagor, and several other interesting residents of the Haunted Woods. Only at Spooky Foods can you buy such delicious things as gummy rats, slimesicles, and a variety of eyeballs...

Haunted Weaponry - Some of the most devious weapons are sold at this shop, from magic brooms to glowing cauldrons. If you need something evil to equip for the Battledome, then Haunted Weaponry is the place to buy it.

Spooky Furniture - If you enjoy adorning your home with spikes and wrought iron, then Spooky Furniture is your one-stop place to get everything you need, from Meowclops statues to coffin-shaped dressers, very disturbing.

Carnival of Terror - If the idea of running for your life from an army of parachuting robot clowns bent on your destruction seems appealing to you, then you'll love Carnival of Terror! Armed only with your small, anti-evil-robotic-clown gun, do your best to defend yourself, and hope you can do it before the clock runs out... Just be sure to grab the ammo, time, and life that comes down as well!