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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Happy Valley

Location: 180 km N of Neopia Central
Population: 324,932 (37% Blumaroo, 33% Bruce,12% Lupe, 9% Chia, 6% Usul, 3% Other)
Area: 1006 sq. miles
GDP: 82 million NP
Weather: Flurries and Drifting Snow
Terrain: Mixed Woodland

Located at the base of Terror Mountain, Happy Valley is a scenic, small town to the very north of Neopia Central. Happy Valley is approximately sixty-five miles southeast of the Ice Caves, providing a frosty paradise for the many snow enthusiasts who gleefully make their homes there. Happy Valley also serves as a home base for many visitors from around all Neopia, many of whom take day trips up to the Ski Slopes or bravely journey to the Snowager Cave.
In addition to its limitless surroundings, Happy Valley has much to offer the thousands of visitors who pass through annually. It is known for spectacular vistas, cool summer nights, extraordinary clear stargazing, and wildlife sightings. Many have also come for the rare but spectacular sightings of the Snow Faerie, however, it is generally known you only see Taelia when you need her most. In other words, you only get to see her when you're in trouble.
Imagine you and your pet nestled in a small snow-covered valley surrounded by beautiful majestic mountains. Imagine skiing down snow-covered hills, throwing snowballs, making slushies, and building snowforts. Just listen to the gentle sound of snow falling around you. That is Happy Valley.

Places of Interest Do you have a good arm? Good aim? It's Grundos versus Snow Beasts, and the more Beasts you knock down the more Neopoints you get! Can you help the Grundos fight back?

Slushie Shop - There is no better way to start the holidays then with a visit to the Slushie Shop. Crushed ice combined with well over twenty zesty and delightful flavours. The local favourite is a slushie made from the ripest snowberries.

Advent Calendar - Maybe this is the real reason why Happy Valley is so happy. For the whole month of Celebrating, the Advent Calendar gives items and Neopoints away to all who visit. As you might have guessed, December is the busiest month for Happy Valley. Be sure to visit the Advent Calendar; you never know what may be waiting for you! Snow Wars- Based on the strategic skills of Princess Lilac, this game is an all out war. Can you obliterate your opponent's snow army before he gets yours? With 10 different opponents, Snow Wars is going to keep you busy during your stay in Happy Valley.

Wintery Petpet Shop - Stop by the Wintery Petpet Shop! There are always lonely Petpets here, waiting for someone to take them home and sit them in front of the fire.

Rink Runner - The Annual Happy Valley Skating Competition is one of the biggest attractions to Happy Valley. If you want to compete, you'd better hone your skills at the lake.

Merry Outfits - Need a new winter outfit? Stop by this cozy little shop and pick up something that looks cool and keeps you warm!