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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

The Haunted Woods

Location: 175 miles southwest of Neopia Central
Area: 2,400 sq. miles
GDP: 46 million NP
Terrain: Muddy
Weather: Rainy and Foggy everyday
Primary Export: Fear!

Located nearly two hundred miles southwest of Neopia Central, the Haunted Woods are a mysterious land where few brave souls dare to go. Now why, you might ask, would anyone be crazy enough to leave the their comfy home for a trip to the Haunted Woods? Well, as those who have visited can tell you, the Haunted Woods are full of creepy adventures and off-the-wall items that will scare you and your friends silly.
If you're in search of a "unique" shopping experience, then your first stop in the Haunted Woods should be the Scary Petpets Shop, where one can drop in and make a new friend. There is always a wide variety of Sludgies, Slorgs, and Ghostkerchiefs in stock, so stop by and get one today.
If you're the adventurous sort, then no trip to the Haunted Woods would be complete without visiting the Esophagor. Great riches await those who are willing to accept his quests and find him something yummy to eat. Another interesting stop for those in search of adventure should be the Witches Tower, where Edna the Cackling Hag can always be found whipping up a magical potion for those willing to fulfill her shopping list of ingredients. The Games Graveyard filled with your favorite oldies...

Places of Interest

Spooky Marketplace - Your one-stop shopping destination for all things spooky. No visitor to the Haunted Woods should miss an opportunity to take advantage of some of the frightfully good deals that are available in the Marketplace.

The Haunted House - Come on in... that is, if you can ....It's okay, many a brave Neopian has dared to try and spend the night at the Haunted House, only to be seen running for their lives before dawn breaks. Surely you'll be no different...I wonder just what IS in there?

The Brain Tree- Intellectually inclined adventurers would be wise to pay the Brain Tree a visit. Those with the wits to answer his questions have been handsomely rewarded. Only the sharpest of Neopians will have the skills to provide a response to the Brain Tree's brain-twisting riddles...

Castle of Eliv Thade - Neopians who are up for an intellectual challenge may find an interesting experience at the Castle of Eliv Thade, home to the disturbed ghost of Eliv Thade. He will challenge your wits, as you attempt to make to safely make your way through the castle, by asking you to solve difficult anagrams. Ok. One step at a time..

Korbat's Lab - If you're brave enough to venture into the Haunted House, surely you can handle a visit to Korbat's Lab. It's only where nasty old Dr. Sloth keeps the ingredients to make those oh so horrid transmogrification potions. So, you're brave enough to save Neopia by going in there and trashing the lab, aren't you?
Fetch - Hey have you seen that mummified Blumaroo wandering around the woods searching for weird items? His slave-driving master sent him on that errand.

MAGAX: Destroyer - In the mood for some faster-paced fun, why don't you swing by and help MAGAX battle the evil ghost hoards set against him by the devious Hubrid Nox? Guide him along as you help him ruin the nefarious Chia's evil plans with powerful energy blasts.