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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Deserted Fairgrounds

"...As she was doing some dusting around the castle, the Faerie Queen's maid, Celandra, noticed a small trapdoor that had been hiding behind a bookshelf. Curious as to what awaited on the other side, Celandra opened the hatch and climbed through. On the other side of the trapdoor lay an abandoned courtyard, overrun with weeds and rubbish.

'Ah, what a mess,' she said to herself, '...I wonder if the Faerie Queen knows about this place?' Returning to the supply closet in the castle, Celandra grabbed a hand weeder and a bag in which to put the rubbish. Minutes later, as she knelt on the ground pulling weeds, Celandra heard a strange creaking sound. Turning to see over her shoulder, Celandra witnessed an incredible sight.

Out of nowhere, a magical doorway swung open. From it emerged a pair of shadows, which scurried across the courtyard and whooshed away. Then, just as suddenly as it had appeared, the doorway was gone. Amazed by what she had just seen, Celandra cautiously approached the area where the doorway had been moments ago. Reaching out, her fingertips touched the walls of the long lost Hidden Tower.
Grasping the invisible doorknob, Celandra slowly opened the door and waited for the worst. However, as she carefully peered around the doorway, Celandra beheld an awesome sight: A collection of rare magical items whose brilliance nearly blinded her..."

Celandra, the Queen's servant: A longtime loyal servant to the Faerie Queen, Celandra's curiosity makes it hard for guests of the Queen to keep secrets. However, Celandra and the Queen's shared appetite for keeping up on the latest gossip has had a tendency to make the other Faeries nervous.

Crystal Boomerang: This mysterious weapon is unbelievably powerful, and its use nearly assures a Battledome victory against all but the toughest opponents. Though its origins are unknown, its abilities are perfectly clear.

The Rod of Supernova: Unleashing the astonishing power of the supernova motes, the capabilities of this weapon are staggering. The rod's ability to punish opponents, while blocking attacks as it heals its owner, rightfully makes this one of the most sought after items in all of Neopia.