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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Ice Caves

Location: Deep within a glacier situated among the mountains of Northern Neopia.
Population: 16,804 (56% Lupe, 23% Bruce 12% Poogle, 5% Chia, 4% Other)
Area: 220 sq. miles
Terrain: Icy with minor vegetation.
Weather: Extremely cold. Occasionally subject to avalanches and falling rocks.

Located in the mountains of northern Neopia, between Happy Valley and Terror Mountain, is a cavernous region known as the Ice Caves. Despite its remote location, there are a number of excellent activities which occur in the Ice Caves that are sure to please and entertain you.

The Ice Caves have no real government, but the caves are watched over by many powerful entities. In addition to the mysterious Snowager, the Negg Faerie has been known to take troublemakers to task on more than one occasion. Also, because the Ice Caves are so treacherous, it's easy to get lost without a guide - so those who live there have little fear of unfriendly strangers wandering in looking to cause a little mischief. A single wrong turn around an ice spire and you could be lost down here for weeks.

If you're feeling lucky, then you might want to take a chance on hitting it big by visiting the cheerful Wocky in the Scratch Card Kiosk. A favourite among the locals, a mere six hundred Neopoints is all that's standing between you and that deluxe NeoHome in Faerieland.

Places of Interest

The Snowager's Cave- The rumours you've heard about its great riches are certainly true, by no means should you get any bright ideas about trying to rip off the Snowager. Very few escape with anything more than their lives. If you are quiet, you might grab a treasure, or else be blasted!

Ice Crystal Shop - Shaved from the walls of the Ice Caves, the magical weapons of the Ice Crystal Shop are brilliant and beautiful. Please stop by because the Ice Crystal shopkeeper has been known to give visitors a good deal on some really rare items. So whether you're looking for an Icy Glove or a Bag of Infinite Neggs, the Ice Crystal Shop is bound to be the place for you.

The Neggery - If you've gathered a number of Neggs during your travels throughout Neopia, you might want to visit the Neggery . She will allow you to take a few of your ordinary Neggs and exchange them for a single Negg possessing much greater powers.

The Scratch Card Kiosk - You can't win unless you play,then head to the Scratchcard Kiosk for your chance at the big prize, which has been known to exceed a quarter of a million Neopoints.