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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Krawk Island

Location: 48 km SW of Mystery Island
Population: 4,319 (72% pirate, 11% Krawk, 14% landlubbin' tourists, 3% other)
Area: 245 sq. km
GDP: 64,000 Dubloons Weather: Tropical, with occasional high winds and showers
Terrain: Sandy beaches and fungus-lined caves
Government: Martial Law

After a few weeks of sailin' the high seas in search of treasure, there's no place that a pirate would rather be than visitin' their hideaway on the beauteous shores of Krawk Island. There's nothing like havin' the warm sand beneath yer pegleg, and feelin' the cool island breeze as it caressess yer weary face. Ahoy, the life of a buccaneer is the only way to be livin'!
After months of guzzlin' down the slop that they feed ye in the messdeck, the first place ye'll want to be visitin' on Krawk Island is the Golden Dubloon, where every customer is treated like the captain. The Golden Dubloon offers a hearty assortment of appetizers, an' a stunnin' variety of belt bustin' delights (the bilge rat madeira is NOT to be missed!). Not to mention that every meal comes courtesy of the Fontaine sisters; now that's what I call service with a smile!
Havin' chuffed yer fill, now would be a good time to see the sights an' take a walk along the shore. Once ye've gone all the way up the island's sandy northern coast, ye could pop in fer a quick look at Krawk Island's famous fungus caves. An' hey, if ye have a Krawk as a Petpet, it might be a good idea to bring the little nipper along...

Places of Interest

Krawps Casino - Before spending all yer NP on Dubloons fer a trip to Krawk Island, be sure to set aside some points so ye can still hit the Krawps table. Okay, so it might be takin' ye a few rolls to get the hang of the game, but once ye've figured out the basics of layin' a Bilge Line bet,ye'll be well on yer way!

Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy - Tired of dealin' with the high cost of codestones? Thanks to Cap'n Threelegs, ye can now master the art of the Battledome an' improve yer battlin' skills for just a few dubloons. So what are ye waitin' fer?!?

Smugglers Cove - Speakin' of a good way to be spendin' yer dubloons, no trip to Krawk Island would be complete without a swing past the Smuggler's Cove. Those scurvy smugglers might be hard to catch but if ye can manage to track 'em down, it'll certainly be worth the effort.

Little Nippers Petpet Shop - If ye had the misfortune of makin' the trip to Krawk Island alone, then chances are yer feelin' a little lonely by now... well cheer up, matey! Loaded with a fine assortment of Weewoos, Deavers and Plathydons, a trip to the Little Nippers shop is just the matey for you!