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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Lost Desert

Location: 280 km SW of Neopia Central
Population: approximately 346,000 (27% Elephante, 22% Nimmo, 20% Lupe, 11% Aisha, 9% Kacheek, 7% Peophin, 4% Other)
Area: 480 sq. km
GDP: 86.7 million NP
Weather: There is a high probability of sunshine, and it's HOT, with severe sand and dust storms
Terrain: Sandy with small traces of Stone, Ore, and Bug Carcasses
Government: Hereditary Rulers

The terrain of The Lost Desert is arid and the outskirts are nearly lifeless, with the exception of a few harmless bugs. The sun beats down without mercy. Shade and water are definitely precious commodities here, and even the harsh wind can burn the shrouds right off a mummified pepper. The Lost Desert can only be navigated slowly, which causes significant fatigue in the Neopets moving over them. While there have been recent plans to build roads through the desert, which will make travel a bit faster, the fatigue of the desert's hot sun is still a major factor. Strong, unpredictable winds are typical of The Lost Desert's weather system. These winds can blow for days on end, bringing with them vast amounts of dust, sand, and strange bugs, which cover everything in their path and reduce visibility close to nill. Particularly powerful sandstorms can be extremely unpleasant and dangerous for any Neopian caught in them. Dust whirlwinds also occur, hurling sand, dust, small Neopets, plants and Sutek muffins into the air. To the locals this is not such a bad thing, since they have cunningly used it to their advantage. Two words: seasoning sand. It's a great addition to any meal.
In The Lost Desert all life depends on the never-ending struggle to obtain and retain water. All Neopets and Petpets living in this area have evolved clever methods for maintaining adequate water supplies. For example, the Apis stores water in its hump and can go days without water; the Lyins live under the sand, searching for moisture; and the Desert Elephante can hold enough water in its trunk for three days. Luckily, there's a body of water right outside of the tall walls of Sakhmet City for the rest of the locals to take advantage of.

Places of Interest

Swarm - These are Evil Bugs, and they're attacking Neopian Protection Zone 6b, and Neopia needs your help! Get inside your specially-designed Wocky tank and blast the legs right off these bugs before it's too late.

Tug-o-War - Tug-o-War is the ultimate test of strength, do you think you can prove yourself? Many of the strongest pets that have dominated in the Battledome will come from all around to tug until they can tug no more. Do you think you're strong enough to beat Truggdon the Grundo?

Sutek's Scrolls - Are your pets new to The Lost Desert? Clueless as to what's going on here or need some background info on Sakhmet Natives, then buy a few scrolls or a book or two. Rumour has it that some of the scrolls contain ancient Lost Desert curses that you can give to your best friends.

Pyramids - What would be a desert without some pyramids? If you remove all the cards from the Pyramid, you could win big Neopoints, and that's what The Lost Desert is all about... bringing new opportunities to Neopians.

Peopatra's Petpets - Nothing makes a Neopet smile like a Petpet from Peopatra's Petpet shop. Many of the Petpets here have special talents, like burrowing underground, making loud humming noises, roaming around the desert aimlessly, biting fingers, and giggling like mad. If this sounds like something your Neopet would like, then make sure to visit Peopatra's shop.

Osiri's Pottery - Come buy some lovely trinkets at Osiri's Pottery store. Buy a simple urn so you won't keep getting asked, "What's with that grey dust lying on your table?" Or how about a lovely jug from which to serve a delicious glass of water? Plus, it's worth a stop at the shop just to ask Osiri where she gets her hair done.

Battle Supplies - A few battle accessories are a must in the harsh desert. Why not stop by the Lost Desert Battle Supplies Shop to stock up? Don't let that mysterious shopkeeper scare you. Save your fear for the assortment of daggers, staffs, swords and the like.