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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Guide to make NP and Daily Tasks

You know that NP (neopoints) are used for buying items and playing certain games. This Guide will teach you how to make some NP fast and things you should do daily. This is a 3 part guide: -Newbies- , -Advanced- , and -Daily Rounds. The sections, as you can tell, are three different steps. Newbies,are for people who have just started and still learning about Neopia.
Advanced is for people who have been playing Neopets for a while and have their bearings on what and where everything is; and either have or getting close to 100,000 NP, Daily Rounds is for everyone to do daily for fast NP and daily fun.

Open an account,& you get 200 NP. Collect your Newbie Pack and put everything in your Safety Deposit Box.
Create a pet, and get 150 NP free,(do not go on a pet spree,tempting,eh? but right now, you wont be able to afford more than one pet.)
Open a Bank Account, and deposit some or all NP made.
Go to the Soup Kitchen to feed your pet if you have under 2000 NP.
*This also earns you an avatar!!

Start a shop for 150 NP, and when-ever you get a rare item, or something that intrests you, look up the name in the Shop Wizard and see if it is worth a good amount of NP, then put it in your shop for a little bit less then what the lowest price was, and it will sell..maybe. This is called Restocking.

Playing with over 200 games, and many changing there are a lot of neopoints to make! Each land has its own special and unique games. Easy to find on the main games page divided into action; puzzle;chance and one game worth double points!

Look for good deals in the Trading Post and Auctions.
Try sending a neomail to a person who has an item in their shop that you want to buy that is priced at 100,000 NP, and ask them what they want for it. If it is a good deal, then do it.
Hidden Tower items are very high, so use your own judgement for buying.
Keep restocking, on higher and MORE expensive items.
That's one way, or hit that F5 key while waiting 6-8 minutes in the shop you like to refill and grab all the books you can; or toys, or plants, your choice. Buy and sell.
Make sure you do not follow what the price is on the items information. I say this because sometimes the Neopets does not update the current prices of them. For example: Fire Faerie, they say on the information card that it is worth 767 NP, yet really it is worth well over 2000 NP.

Daily Rounds
Time to Explore Neopia!!
Collect your Interest from the Bank,
Play Fruit Machine in the Desert
While there visit Coltzans Shrine, (gives random, hit points, items, food, etc)
Next Stop: Tyrannia!
Spin the wheel of meidocrity,
Visit the giant omelette, free food
The Wheel of montonomy (can take 24 hours!)
Next Stop: Faerieland!!
Spin the Wheel of Excitement
There is the healing springs next to it,
*word of advice* if your pet gets sick, it WILL NOT DIE! don't waste 1000's of pts on cures, just go back about every 20 minutes to the springs.
Next stop: Mystery Island!
Play trombola, (win faeries, codestones, paint brushes, etc)
Visit the lost city of Geraptiku and go in search of treasure of the lost tomb!
There is much more to do and see here but we'll save that for a bit.
Next stop: Merridell!
Ye ladies and gents come and dare to wake the giant Turmaculus! You may be rewarded with prizes and treasure or else, if Turmy is in a foul humor, he could eat your petpet!
Next Stop: Jelly World!
Don't forget to get a free sample of jelly!
Last stop:The Haunted Woods!
The Deserted Fairgrounds: Wheel of Misfortune these next two are not free but oh what fun!
Carnival time with the cork gun gallery Coconut shy (I just like to hear him giggle)

In the month of December go to the Advent Calendar each day to get items and Neopoints. the Visit the Snowager at 6 am-7 am NST, 2 pm-3 pm NST, 10 pm-11 pm NST and you might get a random item. Go to Healing Springs when your pet is sick, or wounded.