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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

The Meridell Rubbish Dump

Location: Meri Acres
Overseer: Charlie the blue Kacheek
Height: 15 ft.
Covers: 400 sq. ft.
Contains: Every type of rubbish you don't want to imagine
Zeenana peels?: Yes
Soggy old boxes?: Yep
Eww?: Very

One of the most underappreciated spots in the vast farmlands of Meri Acres is the charming Meridell Rubbish Dump. Other than Charlie, a blue Kacheek with an attitude as poor as his sense of smell, no one really has the stomach to get too close to the Rubbish Dump without some proper nose protection.
Smelly trash, soggy trash, stinky trash... it all ends up here. Oddly enough, some Neopians actually enjoy plugging their noses and rooting through it for "treasures." Granted, these visitors typically walk away with little more than a few stains from wiping their hands on their trousers, but it is rumoured that some of them have actually found items that were worth quite a bit.
It has been said that, on occasion, Meridell Petpets will smell the delightful odour of the rubbish pile, and journey from afar to sniff, roll in, and nibble on the discards. When this happens, there is always at least one dauntless Neopian who is ready to run in, snatch up the Petpet, and escape again before the smell has caught up with them.